Pregnancy Meme


  • I’m pregnant
  • I’m not pregnant
  • You’re pregnant
  • I lost the baby, I’m sorry
  • You’ve lost the baby, I’m sorry
  • You aren’t pregnant
  • The baby’s coming
  • You’re in labour
  • I’m pregnant and it’s yours
  • am pregnant but it’s not yours
  • I can’t raise this baby without you
  • You aren’t going to raise this baby alone
  • I don’t want anything to do with that kid
  • I don’t want you anywhere near this baby

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I won’t be home until fucking 8:30 tomorrow ha ha ha ha ha fuck this shit


Concept stuff for that CA:TWS college AU I’ve been slowly chipping away at!  Steve’s the honorary captain of his baseball team, and Bucky is… well, I haven’t decided yet. 

(Steve’s also the captain of his ultimate frisbee team, but not a lot of people pay attention to that.)


friendly reminder that we get to see fili and kili die in this movie (◕‿◕✿)

joan-of-shark replied to your post “What I could do is take the math and ethics final on Thursday because…”

drink 3 gallons of coffee.just kidding ha ha…. it is wise to get some sleep though. I got away with every 5-6 hours, sleep for 2 hours. you might get enough rest doing something like that. I would not extend the use of that beyond like 2 days.

thanks for the advice.